Coconut Island? Naka Island – Where are They?

Naka Island is just 10 minutes boat ride from Phuket. So is Coconut Island.  They are part of a handful of off-Phuket naturalistic island paradises that were discovered long ago by some of the world’s leading and most discrete resort and retreat hotel brands.

If you yearn for the uncongested Phuket Paradise of yesteryear – sandy beaches away from the madding tourist crowds and few cars – then we have good news.  Some of the best – the established and the newly launched – private luxury villas and homes are available for sale on a collection of such islands.

You already know some of these islands because you see them from your Airasia or Dragon or SilkAir airplane window as you descend into Phuket international airport on the east coast. You may have floated past them, or already explored them, if you ever took a days boat trip to James Bond island or to Koh Phi Phi.

A 2018 fuller list of opportunities might include Coconut Island (Ko Maprho), Ko Naka (in the center of the map below), Ko Yao Yai, Ko Yao Noi and Ko Noi. 

The point is that they have all become very convenient:

  • Easy to get to with scheduled and private services from the main marinas – Yacht Haven, Ao Po Grand and Royal Phuket Marina
  • Established infrastructure on the islands themselves to support a normal existence

More importantly they offer a unique opportunity for something completely different. Phuket is great and very livable for all sorts of reasons. Spend time on the islands and you will know the difference. No traffic sounds. Not so much to distract you from relaxation. Year round breezes. Being right on the beachfront on un-populated shores. Jungles. A slower pace of life.

If you seek a holiday home, or a second home or a party home then owning on a small island is so completely different from what you would normally do that you will love it even more.

Let’s call it what it truly is – it’s romantic.  The short boat trip across, the tranquillity and the separation from “normal” life are all to be embraced.  If you think it a hardship or “too far away from the shopping malls”, then you may just be missing out on the whole point: The Romance and Adventure of Life.

Part of Phuket’s appeal is being an island, now you can belong on a more intimate island that you can walk around in its entirety. And it is only a short trip back to Phuket with all of the facilities, amusements and activities that you want available on your doorstep, but don’t necessarily need at your home.

Compared to Phuket, the financials of off-Phuket Island home ownership can be more appealing too!

We bring you some of the best – the established and the innovative – resort managed private island homes.  If you like the idea but want to do it alone, ask us about securing your very own beach plot for the home you always dreamed about.  Highlights include:

Coconut Island – The Village Coconut Island. Conceived as a collection of absolute beachfront private villas facing up into the world heritage marina parks of Phang Nga bay.  The prime space – all along the beachfront – remains with the villas.  If your dream is a villa with a pool and garden that leads directly onto the beach, then these 2,3 and 4 bedroom villas are a must. From USD500,000.  

Naka Island – Van Voreen. Naka is home to some eclectic and discret high-end spa & villa resorts.  Joining them is this new project offering the simplicity of 1 bedroom beachfront villas delivered with style ans sophistication by an an established hospitality group. From under USD 600,000.

Beachfront Land Parcels Available – on all islands ( The islands of Yao Noi, Yao Yai, Naka, Maphrow). From USD250,000 per 1,600sqm plot.

Click the image to see the luxury that awaits you.