SECURING that ideal home is a cause for celebration and a major step forward yet it’s also the the time when some of the practicalities of living in Thailand come to mind.

Far from putting you off, we are here to say that that its part of our service to get you settled in and for you to make use of our team as a resource for whatever and whenever required.  Many things we handle ourselves and we hand-off to recognised and recommended specialists for the things we cannot do.


The No. 1 issue for most is the Thai language ( spoken and written) and how on earth can you communicate to get things done on your own!  Often its just a question of translation, but it is often also about asking the right question and understanding and confirming the answer, even if it is conducted in ‘Tinglish’ ( an unpredictable mashup of broken Thai and English).

No. 2  is how do you navigate through the well known bureaucracy that exists in every single step of what you want to do – from opening a bank account, getting a Thai driving licence, organising medical insurance and making sure you have the right kind of visa.  Need a home inspection specialist to evaluate your purchase?  Who do you turn to? Need to send money in our money out of Thailand in the fastest, safest  and least cost way of doing it?  Need help in filling out a Thai government form?

No.3 is local knowledge you can use immediately for example where is the best place to shop / have your car fixed / berth or repair a yacht / play golf / do hot yoga / join a cliff climbing club / volunteer with a charity organisation

No. 4 is specialist managed tasks such as full relocation services, how much customs duty to pay, importing pets, a yacht or bringing in a cherished vintage sports car.

None of it is difficult for those who have lived in Thailand for 15 years, with access to Thai speakers , experience of having been there before and with a good knowledge of how to initiate and manage all the the processes.

English and Thai speaking, with a small amount of Mandarin, we can relieve that anxiety by doing many things on your behalf.  And we are happy to share our knowledge and out contacts so you enjoy all of your experiences in Thailand, and over time become experts yourselves



Recommending Lawyers & accountants and managing the paperwork for you

Home Inspection Specialists

Small building Contractors/ Pool maintenance/ Landscape Gardening/ Interior Designers

Property Insurance and management

Coordination of a Relocation to Thailand


Opening a bank account

Obtaining and renewing a Thai Drivers Licenece

Purchasing a car in your own private name

Organising Maids/ caterers/ drivers/ gardeners/ home medical care

Visa applications and renewals, knowing what to apply for and helping with the paperwork.  The choice is wider than you think with the most popular visas being Elite (5-20 years), Retirement, Dependent, Educational, Entertainment, Multiple-entry and the B Non-Immigrant visa required to obtain a valid employment pass (work permit).

Medical Care and Insurance ( great news it’s at least 1/3rd cheaper in Thailand for both normal and advanced conditions)

Choosing a travel agent

Choosing an International School

Not intended to be an exhaustive list, we are here to help on whatever matter that allows you to enjoy a stress-free and hassle-free life in the tropics.  Feel free to contact us with any question.