A journalist friend once told me that you can always replace the word “But”, with the word “And”, avoiding any intended or unintended negativity and keeping the meaning of a sentence.

Try it next time you speak to a friend or work colleague or family member and are about to say “but”.  Say “and” instead – it really works!   And, it’s what most of us really mean anyway.  It came to mind as I was writing this blog to explain that Phuket is so much more than just beautiful beaches, and why you may want to put more on your shopping list than “Seaview and/or Beach”

Think of Phuket and you automatically think of our outstanding white sandy beaches, our azure seas and that special Thai welcome available everywhere.

Whether it’s at a 5 star international resort or a recently discovered venue used mostly by locals, Phuket’s charm and ability to create an instant feeling of relaxation underscore why Phuket remains Asia’s favourite and most popular tropical destination of choice – 9 million tourist visitors in 2016, and a surge in long term luxury rental properties, extraordinary properties for sale changing hands and new luxury residential and investment projects being launched in 2016/17.

[Property: Twinpalms MontAzure]

With inexpensive and frequent direct flights from almost any major city in Asia, from many cities in Europe and the Middle East too, it’s no wonder that Phuket continues to be popular for second homes, for retirement and for investment properties.

The low cost of living, the international quality facilities and the rare opportunity to own an outstanding property on or near the beach for less than the price of an apartment in London, New York, Singapore, Bangkok or Manila makes it very viable for many people.

BUT….  , I mean AND, It is so much more.

Think walking up to romantic mists sweeping down a mountain side, clearing as the sun rises, and the drama and moodiness of being involved with a landscape urbanites rarely get to enjoy.

We might think of Chang Mai – and Phuket has this too.

Think of a tropical storm, the perfume of the jungle, the steaminess, the exotic rain pounding outside – whilst happily sat inside with the doors and windows fully open, listening to the chorus of the birds and the crickets, experiencing the changing outlook.

Again we might think of Chang Mai, some other city in the North or in Vietnam, a house in the jungle on a hill top, a retreat from the world we normally live in.  And Phuket has this too.

Imagine seeing everyday more natural landscape than you can of other humans or buildings, enjoying being at home doing the things that you want to do, yet living in an environment so exotic and so very different from your home or the normal “sea view” properties that most people are offered that you know you have something both special and very rare.

Imagine this: the all-room inbuilt sound system blaring out a punchy U2 track or a sympathetic Enya favourite into the sunshine or into a storm, at full volume, you playing an air guitar with no one around. As well as elegant dinner parties, cocktails with friends and family, Phuket offers this too.  See more of this Villa: Phuket Pavilions

It is possible to find Phuket properties that give you all of these truly unique experiences yet are still only a few minutes’ drive away from the best beaches, the best restaurants, the best shopping and schools.

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