Leveraging You Money into A More Luxurious Property

Get More for Your Money in these secure and respectable alternative ownership structures from leading hospitality names around the world where you own the underlying property  asset.

Fractional Ownership is where you OWN a certain amount or percentage of the property. Half, or quarter or an eighth ownership are common, equating to usage periods of 6 months, 3 months, or 45 days per year. How you use that time is entirely up to you – either full time residential or leasing some or all back to a hotel operator for income.

Phuket developers with luxurious high-ticket properties are offering individual factional ownership’s that have little or no markup on the overall sales price, making for some great bargains and exceptional lifestyles. Direct from the developer your relationship with the seller is the same as if you were buying all of the property except by contracts you only own a portion (and are liable for only a proportion of the costs). Such offers are not part of a global marketing scheme or programme, but genuine single properties in single developments from local developers.

With the purchase price divided by the number of owners and the annual running and operational costs shared in the same proportion, it gives access to a more luxurious lifestyle for the periods that you can enjoy it.


  Grand 4 Bedroom Pool Residence by Pavilions
USD 1,650,000 or a quarter share USD420,000
Choose Full-time Residential or Leaseback Income for 5% per annum

You benefit both during the time you use it and as you continue to own your percentage, any capital appreciation trickles down to you, just like owning any other property.  (Editors note: not to be confused with timeshare where you pay ahead to RENT a certain amount of time for a period of years of someone else’s asset. You benefit only during the time you can use it until it is finished and has zero value at the end).

Luxury-Fractional-Villa-Phuket-Asia360TWO BED SKY VILLA, KATA ROCKS
THB 45,000,000 or quarter share THB 12,000,000
You Choose – full time residential or partial leaseback for income of 4-15% p.a. 

The rich and famous have been doing this for years.  Paying full price for a property they use only a few months a year doesn’t make sense and it ties up a lot of capital – much better to pay only a fractional price for a fractional use and yet still have the full level of luxury and a share in the increasing value of the property.

Transaction costs, government fees and taxes are also much lower than for a full purchase, leaving more investment value for you. ownership

Not convinced?  The Four Seasons, The Ritz Carlton, YOO Hotels and Resorts, Ski lodges in Whistler and River Front units in London have no shortage of original and re-sale buyers.

For many, the big issue is an emotional one – of not wanting to share property ownership with people that you don’t know.

The reality is different. You will be there at different times and properly drawn up and enforceable legal contracts govern responsibilities, not human whims, so in many respects its safer than buying with family.

Also, individually we tend not to be very good at looking after our own properties so employing a professional property management company that looks after a property on behalf of say 4 owners with rules and regulations for contributing to common expenses and having professional contracts for maintenance, repairs cleaning etc is a very good thing, meaning great upkeep and readiness for use and higher value on re-sale.

Contact us for full details of great luxury available under fractional ownership – you will be surprised at the luxury opportunities it opens for you.  Properties at Phuket Pavilions and Kata Rocks and more to come…