Well done!. So you have a great property development and in the process of hiring the in-house team for international marketing, setting up the sales staff for the sales gallery, for direct sales and for managing the agent network. Maybe your are already established but looking for cost-effective and feet on the ground ideas to boost sales. Maybe you are starting with just the concept and looking for experienced advice on what the market wants and therefore what best to plan and offer.

With 4 luxury projects developed and sold and consulting for 4 more projects, we provide outsourced sales expertise for all stages of a project – from initial planning, concepts and budgets through to pre-launch, launch and managing or executing an ongoing sales operation and marketing.  We add real-world expertise and staffing to or instead of the in-house team on fixed term contracts or fixed deliverables so our involvement can be measured and focused and where knowledge transfer is a key component work style.

Outsourcing gives you the capacity to run multiple activities at the same time, to inject expertise when it is most needed and to give yourself the best possible chance of success in your development.

Experienced in running agent networks, recruiting and managing an effective direct sales forces, managing the sales pipeline, making creative marketing is where we add most value.  Our knowledge and advice in legal contracts, working with architects, contractors and estate managers, comes a close second where we will in the gaps in your current team.


We work mostly for the project stake holders and investors and fit into the existing team, working alongside you in your office or from our own facilities. Assignment lengths vary from a week to 3-6 months, longer where we are engaged in providing an outsourced operational service or providing board advisory services which tend to be a few days per month for the project duration. Examples of our recent outsourcing assignments for 13 clients include:

Board Advisory

  • Leadership of a professional team to assess project options, review feasibility and driving to an informed decision about the best project to undertake and being involved monthly to give input
  • Chairman’s Independent Consultant to initiate and help select the project team for project management, QS, construction, estate management
  • Paid board member for project reviews, providing advice and direction and experienced solutions to issues


  • Land sourcing, evaluation and management of a purchase transaction for a hotel project
  • Competitive analysis and advice for a new entrant into the branded residences mixed-use market
  • Local Project Representative – for overseas owner dealing with local team and government


  • Advice and preparation of product definition, including features, costings, pricing and marketing strategy for selling internationally
  • Full specification of the marketing package of collateral and promotions, including brochures, digital marketing and signing up a network of effective agents
  • Competitive insights for better positioning of product features and enabling the sales team to hold back on certain benefits to use as sales closing chips.
  • Preparation and implementation of a marketing plan to urgently sell 40 rai of land by choosing, motivating and actively managing a network of hand picked international commercial real estate firms ( land successfully sold in April 2018)
  • Choosing and managing the supplier for production of innovative photo realistic project renderings and video for on off-plan development
  • Initiation, leadership, coordination and management of two collaborative luxury lifestyle exhibition booths, attended and funded by three mixed-use branded projects represented by Asia360


  • Specification and staffing of a project sales gallery
  • Specification and recruitment of sales professionals, including advice on salaries, commissions and measurement
  • Outsourced sales operation for all new sales enquiries and leads
  • Exclusive (sole) Project Sales Agent sold directly via Asia360
  • Specification and implementation of CRM for pipeline management, reporting, setting of priorities and sales team coordination
  • Implementation of sales and marketing tools ( bulk personalised newsletters and emails, knowing when prospects open their email)
  • Infrastructure and management of digital marketing campaigns, response handling, refinement and ensuring follow-up from sales including working with lead generation portal services
  • Sales funnel/pipeline infrastructure with materials – workflow and content for email engagement nurturing registered prospects through a series of informative contact points and calls to action
  • Sales promotion of client projects through the Asia360 database (4,800), luxury collection website and social media channels
If you think we could help you and your project, download my resume, review my agent profile and please do contact me.
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